TRAIL FORTY | Body Butter | Nectar | 8 oz

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The TRAIL FORTY Body Butter. Grasp the scents of coastal gardens of Orange County, California. Lock in the evenly smooth feel with this moisturizing body butter. This is a perfect compliment to the TRAIL FORTY Sugar Scrub.


  • Notes of lavender, vanilla, and jasmine
  • Handcrafted in Orange County, California by TRAIL FORTY
  • Ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin e, and some essential oils
  • 100% Natural


Start by scooping a small amount of body butter into your hands and rub gently into palms to activate the nourishing oils. Massage onto skin focusing on one area of the body at a time. Allow to absorb before getting clothed. For best results apply after the TRAIL FORTY Sugar Scrub following a shower or bath.

Note: Due to warmer climates the body butter may liquefy do to the natural properties of the coconut oil. If separation occurs please stir, refrigerate to thicken, then store at room temperature away from heat.

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