All-In-One GoPro Board Mount and Leash Plug Kit

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All-In-One GoPro Board Mount and Leash Plug Kit

This All-In-One GoPro board mount kit will get you dropping into waves and recording the whole session at the same time. There is no need to drill another hole you your board. This solution allows you to attach your leash and GoPro in one plug. As a back up, there is even a nylon cord attachment to secure your camera for those heavy days.


  • Compatible with GoPro quick release buckle system and waterproof camera housing
  • Ultra tough Nylon6 base and attachment screw fits bodyboard and soft top surfboards models ranging from 1.75" - 3.0" in thickness.
  • 12" length of high tensile nylon cording provided for use as camera tether.
  • Made In USA

GoPro waterproof camera housing and thumbscrew not included.