"Full Mercy"


"No Mercy." This is one of the most famous quotes from the 1984 movie Karate Kid? Today, we have a new champ named Kamaka. He is the great example of having "Full Mercy". He recently had his duffel bag with martial art gear stolen. It contained a special Karate Gi handed down from his mom who used it for 25 years. Most would have been quick to punish, but Kamaka expressed full mercy instead.

Here is his response after, "Mommy whoever took my stuff is dodo. But if they were homeless, I wouldn’t be mad. I wouldn’t yell at him. I would just tell him that he stole from a kid and you must really need something to put your stuff in, I get it you’re trying to survive and I understand that. And if he was really that down in his life and I had $100 I would give it to him and help him buy what he needs.” - Kamaka

To us, Kamaka is the champ. A champ with new gear!

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