Beard & Hair Oil | Field Notes |

Beard & Hair Oil | Field Notes |

We have captured the scents of old Orange County, California. Breathe in nostalgia with our morning, afternoon, and evening blends. Our recipes ingredients contain the right oils to meet the needs of your beard and hair. Softens, smells good, and gives you some control. Give your beard and hair some attention, don't walk out looking dry.

Beard & Hair Oil | Field Notes |

Why grow a beard?

There are numerous reasons why people grow beards. It can be anything from feeling more masculine to biblical. The fact is, you do not look like the norm. When you don’t try to fit in with society you will stick out. The idea of being different when it comes to a beard is not so much to grab attention, but to go against the standard. It’s taking a stand for how you want to look and not worried about how you should look. In history, if you look at bearded men of our past they had a presentation of power. They appeared more serious, authoritative, and far from weak. Even today when you interact with people their behavior towards you is different. When you have a beard people seem to listen more intently, smile more frequently, and view you as mature. There is a good chance that they profile you as a man of labor and an individual that would “man up” to situations.


The TRAIL FORTY Beard & Hair Oil offerings:

  • 0600 - Cool and Fresh - Notes of eucalyptus and peppermint
  • 1200 - Mild and Sweet - Notes of eucalyptus and orange
  • 1800 - Warm and Spicy - Notes of cinnamon, clove, and orange
  • Handcrafted in Orange County, California by TRAIL FORTY
  • Ingredients: jojoba oil, coconut oil, apricot oil, and some essential oils
  • 100% Natural

Not sure how to use Beard & Hair oil? Check out our video:

Beard & Hair Oil | TRAIL FORTY

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